During Inspire 2020, an online event that was reported about detecting internal and external security threats with Microsoft 365, through an update that will prevent Endpoint data loss.
In Inspire 2020, new features were addressed in public preview for internal risk management and communication compliance; updating third-party data connectors in the Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

It will also offer new dual-key encryption for Microsoft 365 in public preview, and the ability to detect signals that pose a risk to your organization such as copying documents to a USB stick or transferred to a collaboration platform.
Also, with the Communication Compliance feature on MS 365, and in integration with Microsoft Teams, the company developed a pattern of algorithms to detect alerts about threats and harassment.

Among those awarded in Inspire 2020 is Ingram Micro Cloud, as an indirect provider 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of solutions for microsoft technology-based customers.
NEORIS, a digital accelerator, also received the Partner of the Year 2020 award from Microsoft, the accelerator of Mexican origin, was chosen in a call of more than 64 thousand Microsoft partners worldwide, competing with large global firms, as well as local and regional specialized partners. An executive committee within the technology company evaluates all nominations and votes to elect each of the participants in each available category and region. This year NEORIS won the Latin American region in the SAP on Azure category.

NEORIS was awarded for support for the digital transformation of two world-class companies in Mexico and Latin America, one from the retail sector and one from the construction industry, in both cases for the optimization of its ecosystem that supports SAP application-based operation. The award ceremony is held via web this July 22nd, as part of the annual Microsoft Inspire 2020 event.

NEORIS’ partnership with Microsoft began in 2014, when the rapprochement of both organizations was formalized and joint commitments were generated with important results recently. During this time, NEORIS has supported its customers with solutions that leverage the following Microsoft platforms: Azure (SAP on Azure, Migrations to Azure, Digital Product Development in Azure, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Azure), and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Customer Service, Field Service, Finance and Operations and Power Platform).
For businesses that have had to turn to online sales, Microsoft developed the Dynamics 365 Connected Store. The platform offers in-store traffic analytics as well as trends seen in orders that are subsequently picked up in stores by customers. With this information, retailers will be able to determine how much they need to do within their stores to ensure social distance between customers and employees and what protocols may be needed.
Dynamic 365 also protects retailers from fraud. By having a business account, and taking into account the growing increase in orders, the program protects against fake accounts as well as fraud that may arise in the area of returns and discounts.

New features of Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams now integrates Teams Meeting Room into a new feature that ensures greater security when employees connect from their homes or offices. Teams Room Standard provides remote management of devices that use Microsoft Teams. The Premium version of this offering allows companies to delegate Teams’ administrative responsibility to Microsoft and have access to experts, smart software, and statistics. This can help free up time for the business information technology team and even troubleshooting can be done directly by Microsoft if desired by the company using this Microsoft Premium service.
Another new feature of Teams, shown in Inspire 2020, is the addition of third-party apps and services to the platform. The advent of applications is made possible by the development of Microsoft Dataflex, a technology that allows everyone to develop and launch applications and chatbots in Microsoft Teams.

Azure optimizes security and performance
Azure Stack HCI Solution will have a new hybrid service where business IT managers can get what’s new from Azure in security and performance. The service provides solutions to manage data in headquarters, remote offices, and even to use Azure Stack solutions online or offline.
In addition, it can be used in a variety of cases to modernize data centers with high storage density. It is an ideal solution for organizations looking to reduce the costs associated with data storage, especially in aspects of legacy hardware or SAN.


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